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Yes. We need to make sure your search is done on the correct property.

Many cities/counties do not offer a rush service therefore we cannot guarantee anything. However, we will definitely try our best to meet your deadline.

Yes. For your peace of mind, our E&O Insurance Policy has a coverage of up to 1 million dollars.

You are only allowed to cancel and not pay for 30% of the total orders placed on a monthly basis.

Yes, we can send you a balance statement of all orders placed on a monthly basis.

We prefer not to provide you with verbal information due the liability issues. But if it is an absolute emergency and you need this information in order to close, then we will make an exception and attempt to provide you with verbal information only if the city/county provides it to us.

Skyline Lien Search, Inc. has been conducting business for over 10 years. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience.

A full lien search includes the following: Real Estate Property & Tangible Taxes, Lien letters, Special Assessments, Code Enforcement Violations, Open/Expired Permits, & Municipal Utilities.

Recorded Liens, HOA/Condo Estoppels, Team Metro Letters, Zoning Verification Letters, Certificate of Occupancy, Payoff on Recorded/Unrecorded Liens, and Solid waste Certificate for Miami-Dade County.

Yes. Although many condominiums are under a master meter for utilities, there may be code violations on a particular unit within the condominium.

If a lien search exceeds the turn around time that we have given you it might be due to the fact that many cities/counties don't have the proper staff to handle the volume of requests sent. Also, most cities/counties may have increased their turn around times due to the state of the real estate market and the numerous requests received. Also, most cities/counties may take longer on properties that might have violations/liens as they need to gather the most accurate and current information.

Although we prefer to send you a complete file, we can definitely accommodate you and send you what you need at the time of request.

A real estate tax certificate is the affirmation of the frequency and amount of Real estate taxes owed which are and will be paid upon the subject property. In many states there are multiple entities and collection schedules with or without discounts which collect upon the same parcel all of which may lien (become a cloud upon title ) if not paid at the appropriate time and place.

The customary turn time for most of the Tax Certificates is 2-3 business days, all of the certificates require verification and confirmation from all taxing entities to ensure data is not only accurate but timely.

Real estate Tax Certificates may be provided for all of the United States depending upon your servicing requirements. Please note in the rare occasions where the State provides stricter guidelines for document retrieval an authorization may be required in order to complete certification.

The main cause for the State of Pennsylvania requiring more than the customary 3 to 5 business days is due to the nature of the multiple taxing entities, the existence of third party providers enlisted, elected and or appointed officials by the citizens to be the only person/persons to have access to all of the taxation guidelines and protocols whilst doing so predominantly as civil servants as supplemental duties aside from their actual careers, many of which working from home in order to provide taxation details for the certifications.

Skyline is equipped to handle any and all of your tax certification needs! whether large or small, it is our business to accommodate/anticipate and please all of our clients !

It all depends on the association or Management Company that will be providing us with the estoppel/payoff.

If you do not have the contact information for the association or Management Company, you do not have to provide it. However, you do have to provide us with the correct association name that pertains to the property.

Skyline Lien Search platform runs on any PC, Mac or mobile device web browser. It is recommended to keep the web browser updated to the latest version.

We recommend using Google Chrome, but any modern web browser should work.

No, you don't need to install any additional software to use Skyline Lien Search, however you may need a PDF reader to open the reports.

Skyline Lien Search is a robust cloud based system that was engineered for high availability, the site is replicated at multiple physical data centers throughout the United States to ensure 99.999% availability and 0% data loss.

Yes, in your account you may customize your notification preferences.

Make sure that e-mail notifications are enabled in your account, add Skyline Lien Search to your contact list, and ask your network administrator to whitelist Skyline Lien e-mail address.



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